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11561996-07-1908:45:00 3 Pennsylvania20620027.4 Jefferson, Indiana, Clearfield, Cambria$0.2-40.93-78.9540.65-78.47
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2015-04-16 07:30:12
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While I was in Pittsburgh on the day of this tornado, I can report that my house was directly impacted by the tornado.  A swath of trees in the tornado's path through the woods were felled by the tornado, and my house lost every tree in the front and back yards, save for three.  The four housen dormers were ripped off of the roof, as were the rooves on the front and back porches.  Windows were destroyed, and to this day, I still find glass shards from the windows in places around the foundation, and under the lilac bush on the eastern side of the house (the tornado hit the northwest corner of the house). I found the front porch roof a quarter of a mile up the road.  Still, the plank house held, and with restoration/reconstruction, I am living in it at present.  

While I enjoy following the weather, I am wary of the summer months when we have tornado warnings (I have weather radios on each floor of the house), for this is the second tornado to come through the general area, as one passed through my general area on July 11, 1976, causing a loss of life.

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2015-11-26 18:51:56
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Here are a few photos taken by a friend. Though they are hard to make out, if you look close, the brown areas are where the trees were pushed over. And in the one, if you close enough you can see the trees uprooted right along the shore. 

Glendale trees down 2Glendale trees down 3


Glendale trees down

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