Tornado Index # 19721112.48.140

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7191972-11-1221:50:00 3 Texas100100.3 Dallas$50K-$500K-32.63-96.7--
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2008-04-09 12:42:40
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Derek Ellsworth
Rank: F0

My first tornado experience! Growing up in Texas, I've been around tornadoes all my life, and it started early with this storm. It was the day after my 6th birthday and we lived in East Dallas. It was a Sunday and my parents were watching the Cowboys game (this is a weird Fall storm) when the power went out. My uncle ran outside to get a lantern as it had suddenly gotten pretty dark, then he ran in yelling 'tornado'! I remember seeing all these fall leaves fly up against the big bay window facing west, then we hit the deck in the hall. My mom sat on me, which was much scarier than the tornado, but the storm knocked over some big trees on the street then bounced over our house! Our chihuahua was left outside and she flew over the fence but was unharmed! I remember the next day being sunny and my aunt drove us to Loop 12 where we saw damage to Skaggs Albertsons, Jack-in-the-Box and Bonanaza! Quite a ride!!!

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