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3571963-07-1916:00:00 3 Wisconsin3003310.6 Kenosha$5K-$50K-42.58-88.2542.5-88.43
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2008-01-09 12:52:57
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Guy Schaal
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I remember this on July 19, 1963. 4PM. I was 9.5 years old. Had been swimming in Powers Lake. Got black as can be. Mom, me, bro, and sis headed for Grandmas. ( Bros. place now).
Grandparents away visiting my Aunt. Yipper, grandparent Lab going nuts when we arrived. We scrambled into basement, same spot by well that Rod and fam. just where. It was bad. Lots of damage. Too long ago for detail.

Ironic nearly same path as Town of Wheatland tornado of January 7, 2008. Just two days ago.
Middle of 400th Ave. between 87th St. and Hwy 50. Brothers pole barn destroyed. Approx. $75,000 damage.

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