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8132004-04-2018:35:00 3 Illinois100756 Kankakee--41.05-87.9541.1-87.85
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2007-03-15 16:06:58
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I intercepted this tornado on a spur of the moment storm chase. It was the first tornado that I've ever seen, and it was an experience I will never forget. Here is a link to my chase log including pictures of the tornado:

Here is a direct link to video I shot as well:

The tornado's shape could best be described as an elephant's trunk. The condensation funnel dissipated and reformed several times over the course of its lifetime. I lost a visual on the funnel as it moved between my line of sight and the precipitation core, however, I could still see power flashes from it as it entered Kankakee.

One of many photos at the site above


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