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4881981-06-2115:38:00 3 Minnesota20020054.3 Yellow Medicine, Redwood, Brown$50K-$500K-44.78-95.5744.22-94.82
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2011-03-28 02:47:05
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I was 10 years old and lived in Redwood Falls at the time of this tornado and remember it well. I had a friend over and we were playing inside the house when my mother suddenly came in and told us to go to the window and look at the sky. When we did we saw it was very dark and the clouds were churning. She turned on the radio and said that storm is what they were watching. Within minutes, the tornado sirens went off and the three of us rushed to the basement and curled up under the workbench with blankets and pillows. The tornado didn't do much damage in our area of town (except for knocking over a tree, barely missing a neighbor's house). My father was at work in downtown Redwood Falls and he remembers standing at the front (glass) door of his office building and watching as the tornado went by. He said he could even see a little way up the funnel as it kept lifting and touching down. It was very scary for kids our age and it kind of kindled my interest in tornadoes and severe weather. Later on, my friend and I were given the radar printouts for that particular day from the weathermen at the local radio station, and we created our own weather center.

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