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6271974-06-1821:35:00 3 Iowa425040015.3 Polk$5M-$50M-41.73-93.6241.52-93.53
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2008-04-04 05:44:58
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Bruce Bonham
Rank: F0

I was 14 when this tornado struck Ankeny, Ia. We lived 2 blocks north of the 2 fatalities. Their home was a pile of rubble in the middle of the street. The vision of the scene are still burnt in my mind. The arms and legs sticking out and dead animals had fallen everywhere.
The storm was quite strong before the tornado but, it was obvious that there was something really bad happening outside when the air pressure dropped very rapidly and my ears stated popping to relieve the pressure.
I had nightmares for years after this but, after I became a storm chaser in the 90's. They do not bother me at all.

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