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5671974-06-0818:00:00 3 Kansas46177176037.5 Lyon, Osage, Shawnee$5M-$50M-38.42-96.2238.9-95.87
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2009-10-22 08:04:38
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The path depicted in the map is not the path taken through town. The tornado came down on Industrial between the Dolly Madison Bakery and the Mall. It then travel to the East North East going through Jones Park, crossing the Bypass (I35) and wiping out Licholn Village Mobile Home Park (where it killed 6). The path depicted was mostly undeveloped in 1974.

I was in the Walgreens (right in the middle of the mall) with 4 other members of my family when it hit. The mall was closing, and we were trying to take a shortcut out through Walgreens (that had it's own outside exit) to get to our car. The manager was closing the mall entrance. My father stopped to talk to the store manager near the register on the mall side of the store when the lights went out, and our ears popped, and someone yelled "tornado". I don't remember doing it, but everyone instinctively, hit the floor. The noise and chaos of the tornado didn't seem to last long at all.

When I got up from underneath a pile of insulation, I didn't see anyone, yet the Sun was shining brightly in through the holes in the roof/ceiling (a very strange sight). Then piles of insulation started moving and up popped my family and the store manager. No one was hurt. The only hurt person we saw was a woman from the music store next door who had cuts all over her face.

We spent a few minutes checking that everyone was ok. Then, what seemed like forever after we got up, the tornado sirens finally went off. We all joked about it being way to late now. We later discovered that the tornado sirens actually went off before it hit the trailer park. That just didn't seem possible.

The fact that my father actually stopped to talk to the manager on our way out saved our lives. We would have been near the outside door or in the parking lot if not. The outside entrance had had a car blown through it that surely would have killed us.

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