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2331969-06-0322:00:00 3 Texas2001014.9 Ector, Midland--32-102.3332.15-102.15
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2009-06-06 15:10:29
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The tornado struck forty years ago almost to the day from today. We had a small farm between Midland and Odessa. My mother and brother were in Midland at Little League practice. She noticed the odd color of the sky and ominous clouds forming. Soon after the game was called because of the approaching storm. My mother and brother started for our farm, ten miles away. When the storm hit it was so severe they couldn't see to drive and my mother had to pull off the highway. Meanwhile I was home alone at our farm. At the height of the storm the force of the hail and deluge was such that it broke the windows of our home and water poured in. The tornado passed to the west of our house, not far from it. There were a pair of mobile homes directly behind our property. The tornado completely destroyed one trailer and knocked over the other, twirling debris around nearby utility poles. Fortunately no one was in the demolished trailer. The family inside the knocked-over home survived uninjured, but the tornado killed a number of livestock in the field. The hail had piled up high enough that I had trouble opening the sliding glass doors to let in my mother and brother when they finally made it home. Shortly thereafter the family in the knocked-over trailer came to our house and took refuge there. Although our house was flooded it was intact, but we had considerable loss due to water damage. When my father flew in from out of town a day or two later, he remarked that from the air it looked as though a giant hand had swept through.


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