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1311969-05-0816:00:00 3 Ohio30251501.9 Montgomery$500K-$5M-39.67-84.1339.7-84.1
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2007-06-02 16:15:30
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ken carnahan
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I was 13yrs old and had a paper route. I had a route in the colony apts. Blackhawk dr. in kettering. This day I had to deliver two routes because my friend could not deliver his because he had an asma attack. I was delivering on blackhawk dr. 1 block from the apts. when the sky became green with color. The rain began to come down hard, my papers got too wet to deliver, and my bike became disabled. my other friend that I normally delivered papers with rode by me and yelled that the apts. had just fell down, and kept on going. I started walking toward the apts. and started hearing sirens. As I got closer I could see that one of the building did fall to the ground. The one friend that had asma lived in the apts. and he was in the bath tub when the tornado hit. The tub ended up half way out the wall on the second story, and he was not injured. The friend that rode by me on his bike was in a townhouse apt. building when it hit and him and other people got under the stairway and they were not hurt, but the building was completely ruined. I beleive that there was fatalities in this storm but not sure. That was the first time I had heard of tornados and I thank god that I had the 2 paper routes that day.

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