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2041968-05-1515:57:00 3 Iowa5515650013.1 Fayette$5M-$50M-42.67-91.9342.85-91.85
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2010-03-11 14:13:09
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I and my family,my Dad & Mom (Joe & Clara King) and 6 Brothers and sisters lived before the corner on R150 1/2 mile West from Maynard Iowa just before the corner that R150 took to go to Oelwein. We lived there when the tornado on May 15,1968, it went from Oelwein to Maynard and ended 5 miles Northeast of Maynard. My best friend lived on the mile South of me and of Maynard and her family's home was completely destroyed. Thank God her older sister saw it coming and got all of them in the basement, their Dad was out in the field that adjoined our field on the West side of Maynard right in the path of the tornado. Mr Raymond Lundry is his name he was able to get to his barn and get under his big grain truck, he said that the truck bounced up and down but the barn were he was was not taken by the tornado but the house was a total loss all lives were saved. We had been let out of school 3 hours before the tornado hit because of the heat. I thank God that there were no air conditioners back then because we would of been in school at that time and the Kindergartner's and First grader's would have been killed. Two of my brothers and 2 of my sisters and I were in that building that was hit. The school buses were still out on their routs or they would have been there when it hit. Since we lived 1/2 a mile west of Maynard on R150 on the left side of the road and they shut the town off at the corner were R150 turned to go to Oelwein, we were able to get into town and my Dad wanted to help people so we went into town and got only to the first houses were an elderly disabled man was killed. This elderly man was in a Hospital bed in front of a plate glass window. His wife was unable to get him to the basement so he was killed. I saw him and at the tender age of 12 I was sick for 3 weeks after. And there was a little girl that was out side and was hit by debris and sustained a brain injury and was never the same after that. My Mom & Dad made us work out in the garden after we got home off the bus, that's were we were when it got real green out and very still. Then it got dark and the wind started and some rain but most of all was the hail and roaring, My Dad said to get to the basement but we didn't go right away we thought it was cool to play in the hail until it started to hurt and was out there through it all. Most people say that it sounds like a freight train but let me tell you it sounds much much worse then that. I must say that farmers and small town people are the most caring people, we all pitched in together and got it all cleaned up and rebuilt very fast actually to fast because we then had to go back to school. But we were all grateful that there was no more loss of life. I do remember the lady in Oelwein that her picture was in the news paper, she was in front of her fireplace in her apartment down town Oelwein and the fireplace collapsed on her and she wound up 3 feet off the floor buried wast down in the bricks. They were taking pictures of her while she died. I was so outraged when I heard that.   Well Thank You.        Lynette Murray  Pataskala, Ohio 43062






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