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99991967-04-2117:00:00 3 Illinois2051152.68 Kane$500K-$5M-41.8715-88.319441.8913-88.2752
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2015-12-27 18:19:37
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I was 6 years old and my brother was 4.  We were playing outside on the driveway of 600 Forest View Drive when our mother noticed debris in the air.  Mom shooed us into the house to the basement, but she lingered to retrieve something.  By then Mom could not pull open the door against the force of the wind.  In the basement my brother and I heard the phone ring.  We looked at each other as the phone etiquette overrode the safety protocols.  I dashed up the stairs to answer the phone; it was for Mom.  I said "She can't talk right now she's outside in the tornado", slammed the phone back on hook, and ran back into the basement.  When it was over the damage to our house was a bent TV antenna.  Either direction along the street there were large trees down.


The west end of the track in the database should be about a block farther south than it is.


Note that tornado number 184 in Keeneyville is along the same track so it was probably from the same cell as this Geneva tornado.


See media in the archive at


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