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1121956-04-0316:45:00 3 Tennessee436010011.6 Henderson$500K-$5M-35.58-88.4735.7-88.32
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2008-06-15 20:27:41
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Ann (Turner) Pollock
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I was a 6th grader at the home of my best friend, not too far from the high school. My best friend's dad called us all into an interior room and had us lie on a twin bed. He basically lay over all of us. I remember that the roar of the tornado was deafening as it hit the house. I was never so afraid in my life as I lay there waiting for something to be driven through me - or to be lifted up in the air. I remember the horrendous noise of the house being pulled apart...the sound very much like a giant hammer pulling a giant nail out of a giant board...that same screeching sound magnified a thousand times. I remember the surprise of being in an enclosed house one moment and suddenly having rain and wind hitting you full force. It was a very eerie feeling. Except for an injured foot and other scrapes and bruises, I was physically unhurt, as was the rest of the family. There was hardly a house in the area (including the high school) that wasn't severely damaged. My daddy, who worked downtown, which was about a 10 minute walk, took two hours to get to me because of the downed trees and power lines. It was an experience that has basically affected my entire life as to how I look at potential storms. I've had the relief of this worry for a lot of years, having raised my family in Washington State. Moving back south, dividing our time between Texas and Tennessee, I'll have to adjust all over again.

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