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2015 tornadoes added

The Tornado History Project has added tornadoes for the 2015 calendar year. Thanks again to the Storm Prediction Center for compiling and publishing the raw data.

There were 1176 confirmed tornadoes in 2015, which reverses a downward trend that spanned from 2012 with 940 tornadoes to 2014 with 886 tornadoes.

The total number of tornadoes mapped on this site (covering the period 1950-2015) now exceeds 60,000.

Tornado data updated

Due to improvements in the Storm Prediction Center source data, the Tornado History Project has updated its database accordingly. Among the changes:

  • The total number of tornadoes rose from 58940 to 58944.
  • The number of tornadoes with unknown Fujita ratings has dropped from 1864 to 57.

In addition, a number of data bugs have been fixed.