2011 data added

The Tornado History Project is happy to announce that year 2011 tornadoes have been added to the database*. There were 1692 tornadoes logged last year, which makes it the 2nd highest annual total on record. This brings the total number of tornadoes mapped on the site to 56,221, covering the period 1950-2011.

Unfortunately, it was also a very deadly year with 550 fatalities and 5479 injuries. To put that into perspective, the total number of fatalities for the previous ten years combined was 563. Some of the most notable tornadoes of the year were this F5 tornado that struck Joplin and surrounding areas in Missouri, and this F4 tornado that struck Tuscaloosa and surrounding areas in Alabama.

A quick reminder about the approximate paths drawn on the maps. Due to the relatively small set of points included in the SPC data (typically only a touch-down and lift-off point), the generated paths are not exact. There are plans to improve path accuracy, but this is not yet ready for release. You can read more about how approximate paths are generated and their limitations by clicking the red “Disclaimer” link on any map page such as this F5 tornado in Alabama.

* As always, the raw data has been provided by the Storm Prediction Center (SPC).